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About Us

Edubax is a team of experts providing online live classes for various government competitive examinations in India. Our experts are providing offline classes since 30 years. Edubax also provide mock interviews for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Provincial Civil Services (PCS). Our experts are highly qualified UGC/NET in thier own subject. Apart from academic and professional Education , they are awarded from various institutions and organizations in their respective fields. Our experts contributing continuously as subject experts in news, print media, electronic media, publications, competitive magazines.

Vision and Mission

Our experts have passion of teaching. They are providing teaching by heart. They are also donating intellectual property to all competitive students and sharing knowledge.

We are also providing classes offline/ online. You can reach us by call of email for queries and for offline admission.

Best educator associated with us and having more than 15 years of experience in the competitive education world. We are the educators who managing the Edubax. We are creators of leadership who run the whole world and change the economy. All future outcomes depend on these leaders like IAS/IPS/IFS. However, there is still a lot of potential for further development in the education system. We research, innovate and implement in shaping them to run the world. Our live online classes and interaction between educators and learner model allows us to impact the entire competitive education ecosystem while keeping the low-cost fee helps them to achieve their goal. The approach has a long-term effect on learners as continue to work on improving their skills. The model allows us to scale rapidly and reach more learners across geographies.

We have given more than 200 1st grade officers, 5000 Lecturers so far. Educator technics are so easy that every student easily able to grasp them and scored highest marks in their subject.

Enhance your knowledge with us?

Join us not only as student but also share your ideas, tricks to solve the problem in peer to peer discussion. More you practice more you able to know the problem-solving skills.

Our values

Our values guide how we design and build Edubax.

Be open

We are open with our students and educators in transparent way and discuss with them what are doing and why?

Empower others

We help our students, our educators and each other be the best they can be, welcoming anyone to the Edubax community.

Learn together

We listen to and address the needs of our students and educators, celebrating our successes and learning from our failures.

Education with Fun

We strive to transform education - and change our learners’ lives, our educators’ and the world in the process.

Our team

We make online learning enjoyable for our students and our educators alike and have fun while we’re doing it.

We’re the Edubax team. We’re based in Delhi India.

Between us, we have lots of experience in developing online contents for various competitive exams in a variety of contexts including educational technology.

You can find out more about what we’re up to on our blog.

Want to join us? We’re looking for great, passionate people to join us in helping shape the future of e-learning. Take a look at our careers page for more information on current open positions.

Our story

We offer a diverse selection of courses from leading competitive exams like NET/JRF, TET, CTED, SUPER TET and SSC. These are delivered one step at a time, and are accessible on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop, so you can learn from anywhere around the world.

We believe e- learning should be an enjoyable, learn with fun and our social experience helping us to explore the new ideas of learning and offer different opportunity to discuss on our courses.

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Our Educators

As a team we explore new ideas of teaching and share our experience with our students. Our teaching method helps the students which turn their dream true. We’re a private company experience in online education.

Our Students

We believe in high quality of contents deliver to our students, our team always working in research and exploring the way to change the education method and delivering each topic with fun to you. We spend our time in listening in your feedback, so that we improve more to deliver the online education in efficient manner.

To give us your feedback, send email info@edubax.in. We respond to as many ideas as we can and address the most popular suggestions.